The Sim Skunk Works Team

  1. Alessandro (Italy), works for a civilian air rescue unit onboard SAR helicopters, takes care of textures and sounds;
  2. Bonnie (Italy),  graphic expert, he works on 3D models and textures;
  3. Davide (Italy), aerospace flight test engineer, works for Leonardo Aircraft Division, he is a system developer;
  4. Diego (Spain), orthopedic surgeon, he works on flight dynamics;
  5. Marcin (Poland), lives in Luxembourg, ICT Project Manager with 19 years of professional experience in software development;
  6. Mario (Italy), former F104 pilot in Italian Air Force, he is a system C/C++ programmer,  works on C/C++/XML/Lua programming for sytems and gauges. He’s the SSW head and co-founder;
  7. Rob (Netherlands), takes care of VTOL gauges and in general non-FSX dynamics;
  8. Roy (USA), former RAF pilot, he takes care of flight dynamics and systems;
  9. Russel, (United Kingdom,) he works on effects and static modeling.