Frequently asked questions

Some tip to avoid possible malfunctions with SIM SKUNK WORKS models
  1. Disable your anti-virus BEFORE downloading and installing.
  2. Disable UAC.Control Panel->User Accounts->Change User Account Control Settings and move the bar all the way to the bottom.
  3. Run installers “As Admin”
  4. Run sim as an admin (Right click on the sim exe and select Properties->Compatibility->Run this program as administrator)
  5. On windows 8.1 and 10, running the sim in compatibility mode for Win7 is sometimes necessary (FSXA only. Not Steam or P3D).
    1. Also go into “turn on windows feature on or Off” and put a check in the box for .NET3.5 Framework{ including 2.0 and 3.0} before installing the package on Windows8.1.
    2. Simulator should be run always “as admin”
  6. Your video card needs to be DX11 compatible
  7. If you are using an FSX migration tool you must disable it before running the sim
  8. Please ensure that you have the appropriate SimConnect libraries installed by running the SimConnect.msi found in your P3D\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib.
Sim silently quits to desktop or hangs in pause A clear indication that activation key is missing or has been flagged as invalid:


  1. Major hardware and/or software changes can cause the activation key to become invalid.
  2. In such cases, please send the latest registration file generated to specifying what hardware/software changes you have done so we can provide you with a new key, without this informations we cannot rebuild the key.
  3. Registration files (those beginning with sswks. and ending with .ssw) are generated each time you load the airplane and can be found on the sim (either FSX or P3D) main folder.
  4.  We will send you a zipped registration key with nstructions to activate.
How get ride of annoying request of “untrusted dll” in FSX/STEAM ? Our dll are signed so they must be accepted, normally one answer “YES” is enough, but it can happen that for some reason truedt dll list become corrupted in FSX.cfg file.


The best solution is to accept “permanently” our dll using instructions and program that can be downloaded from HERE

Recall to set our certificate to root trusted autority.

I have a laptop and it suffers of low frame rate using SSW Tornado, other models do not show such flaw.
  1. Most probably the Red Panda interface is using the onboard graphic card instead of the dedicated PCI-E card, most onboard GPU do not have special features to run Red Panda at best.
  2. Red Panda  is a parallel process out of sim user space, most probably you have to use your VGA card software to override the default and set it to use the PCI-E VGA card on WebSimProcess.exe tasks.
  3. WebSimProcess.exe  can be found on: <where is your sim>\SimSkunkWorks\WebSimBrowser\2.0\32
I have purchased the new MLU Harrier version, i expected to see moving maps but nothing appear even if the gauge seems to work. What can i do ? Moving maps gauge needs to have maps installed, Harrier uses same maps as Torndo so you can freely download and install them from HOW TO in this site
Missing HUD components in P3D version > 4.2 It happens on some systems using P3D v 4.2 or later  that some HUD components are missing and HUD repeater into right MFD does not work at all.


This is due to an not yet fixed P3D issue.

Here a workaround we have found:

1. Go to folder: Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\SSW-AV8B-HARRIER-IIB\gauges

2. Make a new subfolder: SSW_HARRIER_GAUGES

3. Unzip and copy all its content to newly created SSW_HARRIER_GAUGES subfolder

4. Move elsewhere, delete or rename so it cannot be read any longer.

Now HUD should work properly

Model registering has failed and/or can’t find the registration file into the main sim folder Most probably you did not follow correctly the installation procedure, take a closer look to installation procedures at our site. There can be several causes:


  1. MSVC2010, MSVC2012, MSVC2015,MSVC 2017 misinstalled, use the Control Panel ==> Programs to check proper installation.
  2. You may not have run installer as administrator
  3. Check your account  control to be set “never notify”, otherwise account control won’t allow the installer to write on sim main folder.
  4. You should install our  software from an admin account, normal user account could fail.
How can download products purchased when the old site was still active ?

Since we do not distribute installers directly anymore, procedure is  as below.

1. Get an account at SimMarket ( )

2. Open a ticket at our help desk, write your mail or customer ID obtained from SimMarket, specifying which product you want and a proof of purchase.

3. We will open the download link to you. giving a vendor copy of the product.


Can’t find the  embedded TORNADO tablet anymore, old URL does not respond.

Recently we changed the tablet location, the old url link is broken now.

TORNADO tablet can be found HERE


Where to find FRF/104G F104-S flight manuals




  1. According to Italian and European laws if the customer receives the activation key is meant that the software is “unsealed” and thus looses the right of withdrawal and refund because it is a necessary condition for it that the software is returned certainly and “sealed.”
  2. SSW complying with the law, protecting his resources and customers right, leaves freedom to buy the product, test it (with a reasonable time limit) and decide whether “unseal” or not, which occurs with the request of the activation key, request that can be delayed at will by the customer.
  3. Instruction for automatic or manual activation key request is written clearly on the documentation on the site site under “How to..


  1. Having said the above, the refund may be requested if:
    1. It has not gone more than 14 days from the day of purchase
    2. It was not asked and sent the software activation key


  1. Article 55, paragraph 2, letter. d) of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, states that “is excluded the application of the articles on the right of withdrawal in cases of ” supply of audiovisual products or  computer software unsealed by consumer.
  2. Is widely accepted by jurisprudence that can be considered as still sealed software, one that, despite having been downloaded directly from the manufacturer in the form of self-installing file, requires the installation of the product on your personal computer and the subsequent final activation by inserting special codes provided by the same manufacturer or distributor.
  3. In such cases, the software installed but activated with the key can not still be considered “immaterial” sealed and the consumer can not be given the right of withdrawal.
  4. The rule seems appropriate, otherwise no one could be certain that the request of the right of withdrawal is not a pretext to obtain a refund and keep using the product, in fact it is not possible to ascertain the necessary condition to the withdrawal, the return of unsealed product itself.