1. Execute the installer and follow his instructions
    1. Notes:
      1. Users should run the installer by right clicking on .exe file and then clicking “Run as administrator”
      2. During installation you’ll be prompted for a MSVC201<x> run-time library installation, answer yes if you are not sure if you have it or not, installation is safe, if you have a newer version it won’t be removed (User that have installed previous SIM SKUNK WORKS products should have it already installed).
  2. Even if not strictly needed we suggest to download and install the latest free version of  FSUIPC from Dowson’s site at:


  1. At the end of installing process you will be prompted to ask for an activation key:
  2. If you want the activation key fill requested fields:
    1. Order number (get it from our confirmation message or viewing your order list at SSW site)
    2. Your mail address (enter “Return” key to validate the mail address)
  3. Hit on “Send”, a mail containing your registration file based on your system information will be sent to SIM SKUNK WORKS, such file has the name of your PC followed by the name of the prurchased model and ending with .ssw
  4. A copy of that mail will be sent also to you to have confirmation that the activation key request process has ended successfully.
  5. Soon you will receive a mail containing the activation key,  a link to download a program to activate the key itself and all instructions to do it.
    1.  In most cases, activation keys are emailed shortly after receipt of the registration file and payment confirmation, but please allow a maximum of 48 hours for the process to be completed, mostly depending on our working times and time zones.
  6. Once registered and activated, the time limit on the model will be removed.
  7. NOTE: The activation key request can be delayed at your will in order to mantain the withdrawal/refund right, the installer will have to be run again if you skip the activation request.


  1. In this case is still possible register the model manually
    1. Run the simulator and load at least once our model
    2. Watch at the main FSX/P3D folder looking for a file which file name begins with sswks. and ends with .ssw (for those with file extension enabled), file name should  be something like this:
      1. sswks.<your pc name>.<model name>.ssw
      2. Registration files are generated each time you load the airplane
    3. Send us that file at: together with PayPal transaction ID and order number
    4. If the file cannot be found contact us using “Help desk” menù.


  1. Use of software is alwyays at user’s risk
  2. Major hardware and/or software changes can cause the activation key to become invalid and the sim shuts down silently shortly after our model has been loaded, or enters into an irreversible pause.
  3. In such cases the procedure is the same as the above explained “MISSED OR FAILED REGISTRATION”, send the latest registration files generated to specifying what hardware/software changes have done so we can provide you with a new key, without such informations we cannot rebuild the key.
  4. Please read “Refund policy” here


  1. FSX, P3D 2.x, P3D 3.x, P3D 4.x  can safely cohabitate, they need separate activation key that must be separately purchased
  2. P3D 2.x and P3D 3.x  can safely cohabitate,  the activation key can activate both models provided they are installed on same device


  1. Our policy allows a single user to have a maximum of 3 keys on different machines, if you require installations on multiple PC please make a request at
  2. Example:
    1. 1st activation key on main PC purchased at full price
    2. 2nd and 3rd activation keys on different PC’s purchased with a discount (generally 50%)
    3. 4th and following purchased at full price
  3. Organized units
    1. Sim Skunk Works encourages and support the born of organized units of simmers that likes make online sim activity using FSX/P3D multiplayer mode.
    2. At this end we have discounts up to 50%  for multiple activation keys aimed to support organized units, pleasecontact


  1. Our models require a system with these minimal characteristics:
    • CPU: Intel 5 or 7  / AMD multi cores
    • RAM: 8 Gbytes
    • GPU:  Nvidia with at least 2 GByte of RAM, DX10/11 compatible.  other GPU as AMD Radheon are known to work correctly but are not supported by SSW.
    • OS: Window 10 (Windows 7 and 8.x are not longer supported even if we have positive confirmations of no or little problems with these OS by our users).
  2. Models for FSX require FSX ACC PACK
  3. Models for P3D v2 require P3D v. 2.4 or newer (not longer supported)
  4. Models for P3D v4 require P3D v. 4.x or newer
  5. We can not guarantee that our models works perfectly on Mac models when run in Windos dual boot even if we have positive experiences on this, in any case will we make our best to support Mac users.